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Wedding Cakes & Cupcake Towers

For all wedding cake and wedding cupcake tower orders, we ask that you pay a $125.00 non-refundable deposit once your price estimate has been confirmed. The initial deposit serves as confirmation and agreement of my services and will reserve the time and date of your cake order. With everything provided, your initial cake estimate will be quoted to you within 2 weeks of your cake consultation. The cake price may change from your initial price estimate depending on changes you request. Upon finalizing your cake design and submitting the signed contract of agreement, the final cake estimate must be secured at least two (2) months prior to your cake delivery date.


Payment Confirmation
Payments can be made in only cash and check. Please make checks out to Sally Kwok. All wedding cake payments must be recieved at least two (2) weeks prior to order date via US mail or in person. Upon receiving your balance payment I will ensure delivery of your cake order. Upon payment, I will also send you an email confirmation and a soft copy of your receipt stating that your initial deposit and remaining balance has been received and paid in full.  Failure to recieve payment on time will void the cake order.


In the event of cancellation, your initial deposit is not refundable. You may cancel your wedding cake order up to two (2) weeks before the wedding date specified in this contract. The remaining balance will be refunded to you if cancellation occurs two (2) weeks prior to wedding order date. In the event that your order is cancelled at anytime from five (5) days prior to the reserved wedding cake date, we cannot refund your money and you are required to pay for the all the costs of services provided as stated in the Contract of Agreement. Thank you.


Celebration, Cupcakes & Little Cakes

All custom ordered celebration cakes, cupcakes and little cake orders must be paid full by person or via mail, and be received at least one (1) week before cake order date. Payment is expected at the time of cake pick up. In the event that your order is cancelled at anytime from four (4) days prior to the reserved cake order date, we cannot refund your money and you must pay for the all the costs of the cake provided. Thank you.